Do you get a headache from dealing with complex software solutions that don’t do what you need and slow down your business?

Our certified team of seasoned IT professionals is here to take care of this!

Dynamics 365

Create more opportunities with a CRM platform and Power Apps.

Portal 365 & Micro Services

Turn data into insight and insight into profit.

Integrate your business processes with Spire ERP and CRM.


The collective expertise of our team allows us to build custom solutions that help you optimize business processes, thus getting more profit at a lesser cost.

Dynamics 365

We’ll make one of the most popular CRM systems work for you and follow your business flow, not the other way around. Technical optimization allows to cut unnecessary functionality and craft custom workarounds on the go, minimizing the cost for you, the customer. You can run Dynamics 365 on any device, store it in the cloud, integrate it with the majority of existing data platforms, listen to social media networks, build marketing campaigns, and many more.

IT Consulting

Our vast practical experience in IT consulting helps solve multiple challenges for business owners and their teams. Depending on your IT goals and requirements as well as existing systems and technical capabilities, our specialists will perform a detailed audit. This audit will enable you to assess your business compliance with your IT requirements, the efficiency and feasibility of this investment in IT, the sufficiency of IT resources, and many other aspects.


Microservices allow to form agile cross-functional teams focused on specific business tasks rather than technologies. These teams are self-sufficient and use only the most effective approaches and technologies on a case-by-case basis that allow to switch from project to product management instead.


Portals enable you to perform a number of functions to streamline business processes.
These include personalization, advanced application development, and the possibility to integrate with other applications, wireless/mobile data access support, and many more.


If you need help creating your marketing campaign from scratch, we got you covered!

Whether you don’t have dedicated marketing staff or just need another set of helping hands, our full 360 marketing service is exactly what you need. We won’t just work on your CRM, we will provide you with all of the copywriting and recommendations that will make your campaign an absolute success. You can count on us to:

  • Develop various marketing campaigns for you: from lead generation to upsells and everything in between;
  • create all of the copywriting needed for the campaign;
  • recommend the best practices to ensure a successful outcome;
  • tailor our services to fit any requirements you have.

We take aim at your success from a 360-degree angle!


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